Our Services

Our Services
Hoppipop! values stand with integrity and clarity: after learning about our clients’ needs and objectives, we carefully evaluate the feasibility of the requests and give accurate quotes, feedback and recommend alternative options if we are not the perfect fit for your project. We aim to bring clarity in your decision process by accurately mapping your Customer User Experience, identifying the User Persona and Scenarios, as well as all the touch-points involved in the Customer Journey. 
Our processes and methodologies are focused on delivering accessible MVPs that can be quickly tested with users and improved. Keeping your product and work-flows simple and accessible means optimizing costs, quickly increase your customers conversions rates and grow your revenues. You might need only hands-on-work, like a graphic, visual or motion design deliverable asset, like a set of branded icons, a presentation’s deck or a banner for your website. In this case, our conversations will be very straightforward and revolve around your brand and existing style guides
On more complex projects, instead, you might need more strategic hands-off-work, where we will need to dive into the details of your project's history, audience/users, story, challenges, goals and expectations. We run regular workshops to guide and drive the project ahead, discussing research findings, design and development tasks and facilitating stakeholders’ decisions on establishing priority, milestones, deadlines. 
We run accurate interviews with your teams, often involving several departments from Design to Product, Development, Marketing, Editorial, Sales, to clearly understand the Who?Why?What?Where?How? of your project; to identify  and discuss current and potential issues, gains and pains of your idea or product.  

WWWWH? Who?Why?What?Where?How? 
User Experience is that holistic practice that allows teams to create those usable and engaging products that meet customers’ needs, goals and expectations and provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. 
Reaching this goal involves many design reiterations, until all the elements of UX are aligned, tested and validated by User Research and Usability Testing. This process includes the integration of the brand omni-channel strategy to bring consistency to the product launch and its marketing campaign. ​​​​​​​
Hoppipop! Methodology revolves around satisfying the five core elements of User Experience: Strategy, Scope, Structure, Skeleton and Surface. 
Depending on the size, scope and need of your project, team and audience, you might need: 
1. Hands-off-work: Design Direction & Strategy;  
2. Hands-on-work: Executing deliverable, Implementing and Optimizing design solutions. 
3. Run a Design Sprint and/or a Workshop.
In other cases, you might need a blended approach, where management-direction and execution combine. A third case is when you need to augment your existing team with additional resources. 
Rates - Hoppipop! rates are transparent and calculated per day or per project, remotely or on-site. Drop us an email to discuss your needs and budget!
Tools - We use a variety of industry-standard software to design, plan and build our projects.

Let us know more about your project for an accurate quote: Inquire today or email us at: studio@hoppipop.co.uk
On-site and Remote Design Sprints & Workshops Mentoring, Coaching & Training

2-4-5 Days Design sprints
User Experience is a combination of...
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