Hoppipop! KidsZone
Helping Kids having fun while learning and unleashing their imagination through immersive narratives and activities. Helping Parents & Educators to grow emotionally healthy and intelligent Kids.
Starting small and scaling up! A Portfolio of original IPs targeted to kids age 0-13+ 
Part of Hoppipop! mission is to develop educational games and interactive applications for wide and target audience, with a special focus on kids, teens, young adults and seniors. 
How can we make learning fun and engaging? By applying transmedia storytelling strategies, gamification, universal cross-cultural learning, STEM and SEL, to accessible, immersive and inclusive products.​​​​​​​ 
Hoppipop! KidsZone is a  a Web-AR Cloud based platform,  meant to become the safe, accessible online space where parents, educators and kids can find inclusive, engaging and inspiring content. They will tap into imaginary worlds that they can bring alive in the classroom or at home, combining learning & play time. 

A place of wonder... where storytelling turns into challenging, fun, immersive interactive adventures, where Educational content meets Fun and Digital Play fosters individual and relational development, by mixing real contexts and environments with the magic  and wonder of imaginary story-worlds. 

Story-worlds to explore... where  kids can learn about themselves and the world, empathise with others and taking relevant actions, meeting  magical creatures while developing their own critical thinking and learning new skills (Numeracy, Literacy, STEM and SEL).

Jan-April 2021 - Thanks to the South Bank Innovation ACE IT Programme, Hoppipop! KidsZone project has moved into Stage 2, where we could receive support toward the development of a MVP for the AR Interactive Storybook: Alina. When the Sun returned to shine on the Swamp. 
AR/MR learning experiences, Edutainment, Interactive AR Books, Games & Apps!

Research shows that 5G and the global growth of internet users and owners of mobile devices  is expected to grow by 70.83% (CAGR) by 2025. The most feasible and accessible way to bring Play to our Target Audience is:

A WebAR based platform
Cross-platforms: accessible from all devices
Pay-as-you go: Affordable Downloadable Apps 
Subscription Options

Why Hoppipop! KidsZone QuestBooks will be unique  and they need to exist?

Research shows the growing demand of AR applications in the educational space, along with the increasing difficulty from Kids, Parents and Educators to  find a safe and engaging online spaces where to learn and play. Research also highlighted the misrepresentation of disabilities and diversity.

How can we fix this issues?

Adventure, action, challenge and storytelling, usually reserved to younger adults games or relegated to picture-books for toddlers, where AR/MR is just a fancy addition to keep the kids attention alive. In fact, often there is no specific use or meaningful actions for AR features within the story, within e-learning content, activities aren’t usually related to storytelling if not in the form of information. 

Learn more about our Research on AR/MR/VR for Education. If you wish to learn more about AR/MR in Education you can download the List of Resources here.

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