by Natalie Massone | 05 January 2021 

Helping Parents & Educators to grow emotionally healthy and intelligent Kids, by fostering their sense of self through fun, immersive, inclusive and engaging activities. 
How can we make learning fun and engaging? By applying transmedia storytelling strategies, gamification, universal cross-cultural learning, STEM and SEL, to accessible, immersive and inclusive products.
Hoppipop! KidsZone aims to offer parents, educators and kids a place of wonder, where storytelling turns into challenging, fun and immersive interactive adventures, where educational content meet fun and engagement that can foster individual and relational development, not only in front of a digital screen but mixing reality with the magic of virtual imaginary storyworlds. Storyworlds where  kids can learn about themselves and the world, empathize with others and taking relevant actions, while exploring imaginary storyworlds, meeting  magical creatures while developing their own critical thinking and learning new skills (Numeracy, Literacy, STEM and SEL).
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