The Best Learning Kids Apps in 2020
The best kids-apps are NOT necessarily the best-selling apps... tapped tech and education experts for their picks in the crowded kids’ app space, then gave a panel of junior testers permission to play.  While players and experts enjoyed more specific apps, the market data research confirmed that only some among the best apps also appeared in the top-grossing apps charts. Which are the reasons behind the sales failures? Researching each product and its target audience will help in finding the specific reasons behind its low sales. However, the most common reasons for poor commercial success are: low marketing and social media exposure, limited distribution, price, devices compatibility, quality but boring content, not rewarding game-play, a visual style that doesn't meet the audience expectations or doesn't reflect the contentWhat can we do to reduce this gap? Is Augmented reality (AR) the solution? Certainly not. A product needs to work in all its key-areas. AR is  a powerful feature that can be used to deliver fun learning activities but, without a defined purpose, any AR feature will result boring and useless. 
AR always requires a certain degree of extra effort from the user. Make sure that the user's effort is worth and rewarded! AR is not only a 2d/3d object popping-up from the screen, but is about the player's actions, reactions and interactions with the 2d/3d object. For this reason, AR has the power of revolutionizing traditional learning by introducing new ways to comprehend information. Students can scan different parts of a textbook and receive video and audio tips to make complex concepts easier to understand. Benefits of AR apps include: 
> Encouraging students to take the initiative to learn.
> Better student engagement by adding a practical element to learning.
> Learning anywhere, anytime.
> Students can move around and interact with virtual features for better learning.

Great learning apps are almost as hard to find as disinfectant wipes—but they do exist.

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