Why AR/MR for Education? 
Research and Literature shows that AR increases kids and adults engagement at multiple levels, allowing active learning, participation and gamification. Learning basics, building skills and applying principles.
Bye-bye 2020! If the edutainment space is continuously changing, with more sophisticated or addictive games, apps or social media communities, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought some significant changes to how kids behave, learn and think. Similarly, parents and educators have grown their anxieties and concerns about online safety, too much screen-time, too low real-life social interaction and healthy fun Play Time!
The following research findings have highlighted some trends in the technology sector, like the growth of 5G, and the growing demand of platforms like Roblox, that saw his users numbers to rocket during the lock-down weeks. But how should we read those statistics and what can designers, educators and content creators use those information to develop meaningful and valuable products for kids and adults alike? I hope the following sections will inspire your creativity and strategic thinking. Welcome 2021!
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