Why Hoppipop! KidsZone QuestBooks will be unique  and they need to exist?
We have just introduce the wide panorama of AR Educational Apps, and we are already missing something! Adventure, action, challenge and storytelling, usually reserved to younger adults games or relegated to picture-books for toddlers, where AR/MR is just a fancy addition to keep the kids attention alive. In fact, often there is no specific use or meaningful actions for AR features within the story, within e-learning content, activities aren’t usually related to storytelling if not in the form of information. 
Hoppipop! digital products want to fill this gap, producing original immersive stories, where kids can apply the lessons learned in the story game play. Kids will be the protagonists of their stories, by taking relevant action in situations where they can learn and apply socio-emotional skills, literacy and numeracy, creativity and logic. 
Kids will be  active participants in fictional story-worlds and contexts, that reflect real-life challenges. This is one of the secrets behind the recent successes of blockbusters like Frozen, or games platforms like Roblox.

Where? WebAR first! 
The study has also shown that developing for the Web is still is and will be the most sustainable and accessible choice. Infact, developers can rely on the global population increasingly accessing the Internet through all types of devices at sustainable costs. While the same apps will be downlodable on those devices (desktops, mobiles, tablets, consoles), not everyone will be able to afford specific devices. Similarly, online stores like Googleplay or Steam, might change over time, building Kids-safe web-based platforms is the winning strategy, already explored by successful market players like Roblox itself, MarcoPolo Learning, DuoLingo and Khan Academy
In this context, the mission of Hoppipop! KidsZone is precisely to offer interactive and immersive experiences in the form of interactive AR/MR storybooks, that can combine those elements through engaging and original storytelling, activities and high-quality educational content. Allowing kids to grow their sense of self and critical thinking, literacy and numeracy, STEM as well as advancing their Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Thinking about how to support parents in their educational and entertainment choices for their kids, offering a safe and accessible platform with products free from In-App Purchases and Ads.

Transmedia storytelling is a design philosophy that can innovate education.
 Using AR/MR/VR/360° features allows the creation of immersive story-worlds where kids are rewarded active participants.
Natalie Massone (2020)

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