Target Audience: Kids, Parents & Educators
Parents & educators have many growing concerns about online safety and communication, while kids struggle in finding rewarding activities and spend most of their time on Tik-Tok or You Tube. Adults and children share the same needs of having fun and feel rewarded, and we shouldn't design apps only by assuming what they want or need, usually the assumptions only reflect what adults want: make their children learn in a safe environment. Recent research show similar behaviors among parents and children and, in both cases, being technologically savvy doesn't mean being emotionally mature.
Leveraging mobile-enabled social media for school-to-home communications across the generations. 
While parent access to a smartphone is now virtually universal (97% of parents of school-aged children), use of emerging tools such as a smartwatch by one-quarter of Millennial parents indicate that school districts need to re-think their communications across different platforms to accommodate new tools. One-third of Millennial parents report using Instagram regularly in their personal lives but only 12% of Baby Boomer parents say the same.
Project Tomorrow: Speak Up. (Tomorrow.Org, 2020)

WHAT KIDS WANT? Roblox & YouTubeKids
Roblox is ranked as one of the top online entertainment platforms for audiences under the age of 18 based on average monthly visits and time spent (Comscore).
 “Our popularity is driven purely by the community with millions of people signing up through word of mouth every month.” (Roblox, 2020).

“I found out about [the gaming keyboard] on YouTube. Everyone is talking about it.” 
Ben, 11 (Ofcom, 2020)
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